Carlo Cousins

Carlo Cousins

Taking Physics at Brock didn't just teach me a few experiments and equations, it taught me fundamental skills needed by a scientist.


A Level Geography, Maths and Physics

What made you choose to study at Brock?

I chose to study at Brock because I wanted to gain more independence and join a university-style open campus. I appreciated the brilliant facilities here when I came to see them during an open evening.

What extra opportunities have you taken while studying at Brock?

I gained a lot of enjoyment from enrichment activities involving music, like Brock Studio Sessions, for example. Given that my chosen subjects weren’t very musical, doing these Enrichments were great because they gave me a chance to play the trumpet and guitar. Being a part of the Your Brock Newspaper gave me a taste of political journalism, which I found to be very interesting. The opportunity to take an EPQ was really refreshing because it gave me a taste of university-style learning and allowed me to delve deeper into one of my interests.

How do you feel now about your subject(s)?

Taking Physics at Brock didn’t just teach me a few experiments and equations, it taught me fundamental skills needed by a scientist. It taught me about the underlying scientific principles such as how we should observe our surroundings and how we should reach our conclusions.

Are there any members of staff you feel have particularly helped you?

Alex Crutchley and Hugo Gibson were very helpful when I was studying in physics revision sessions. Also, Sharon Goldsworthy and Susan Mitchell were always available to answer my questions outside of class.

What have been your highlights or best experiences while attending Brock?

I really enjoyed delivering a presentation about my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) on a human mission to Mars. I loved playing in the pit band in the College’s production of Return to the Forbidden Planet and playing in the Performing Arts Showcase Evening. The physics trip to Geneva was incredible; I found the facilities at CERN really fascinating.

What are you planning to do next?

I plan to go to the University of Southampton to study physics. I also intend taking a masters degree and then hopefully a doctorate soon after.

What are your long-term career goals?

I’d love to go into scientific research and development as a career, particularly in the area of renewable energy solutions. However, later down the line I may consider becoming a politician. I believe a former specialist in the field of renewable energy could make a stronger case for more widespread adoption of renewable technologies across Britain