Edd King

Edd King

I chose Brock because it had the best reviews for the course I wanted to take. It was also close to home and had an excellent reputation. Plus, the residential trips that you were able to go on as part of the course were just brilliant.


Extended Level 3 BTEC in Uniformed Public Services

Where are you now?

Apprentice at GoSkydive

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I came straight to Brock from Hounsdown School where I played lots of sport, including football, rugby and basketball. I had always had an interest in the uniformed services, and if I hadn’t come across my apprenticeship I was going to join the navy as a mine clearance diver.

Throughout my course I gained military experience that helped me to be more mature and self-disciplined. This definitely helped with the interview processes that I went through for both my navy application and my current position.

The opportunity to apply for my apprenticeship at GoSkydive came to my attention whilst on a jump. It was a perfect fit. I was in the final stages of my navy application at the time so the choice was hard. But I decided to go with my passion, which has always been skydiving.

Currently I am training full-time to be a tandem skydiving instructor under a three year apprenticeship scheme. In 2016 I will qualify as a ‘camera flyer’, which will see me film the tandems as they jump. By 2017 I should be a fully-fledged tandem instructor as well.

In the future I want to progress to become a chief instructor. There are not many of these in the country, but I am determined to join this elite group. I also have a personal aim to achieve 10,000 jumps before I am 30 years old.