Elizabeth Devane

Elizabeth Devane

I enjoyed gaining the benefit of my teachers’ knowledge and experience.


Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Where are you now?

Studying Biological Sciences at Imperial College London

What made you want to study at Brockenhurst College?

“I found the courses were tailored to my needs, and I attended a Taster Day and enjoyed the scenery.”

What did you enjoy most about your course(s)?

“I enjoyed gaining the benefit of my teachers’ knowledge and experience.”

What were your ‘highlights’ (best experiences) while attending Brockenhurst College?

“Meeting likeminded people through my classes and working together with them.”

What extra opportunities have you taken up since studying at the College? In what ways are they helping your personal development?

“I participated in the HE+ scheme, which helped me understand what learning is like at degree level.”

What networking, employment and work experience opportunities did you undertake and how did they enhance your college experience?

“I completed a week of work experience at Southampton General Hospital’s Oncology Department, where I was able to apply my knowledge about protooncogenes.”