Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith

The Engineering package as a whole made me want to study here. It just ticked all the boxes.


Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering

What made you choose to study at Brock?

The Engineering package as a whole made me want to study here. It just ticked all the boxes. It’s unique.

How do you feel about your results?

I’m proud that all the hard work paid off and I achieved the mark I thought I could get if I stayed motivated. It’s a good feeling.

What extra opportunities have you taken while studying at Brock?

I took the opportunity to become a Student Ambassador, which helped show on my CV that I’m a reliable person who can shoulder responsibility and work as part of a team. Also, I did as much work experience as I could, which filled me with confidence.

How do you feel now about your subject(s)?

Looking back, I’m glad there was so much variety taught across the field of engineering. It enabled me to have a go at different things and eventually identify what I really enjoyed.

Are there any members of staff you feel have particularly helped you?

My teacher David has always been in my corner, always supporting and encouraging me, and my other teacher Julian has given me a lot of his knowledge thanks to his clear explanations.

What have been your highlights or best experiences while attending Brock?

I loved taking part in the Robotics competition at the University of Southampton… That was an Enrichment option I took. Our team came third overall, which took a lot of initiative on our part against some fierce competition.

What are you planning to do next?

I’m off to do an apprenticeship at Cobham Mission Systems in Wimborne. They create engineering solutions for the aerospace and maritime industries and are also involved in civil engineering projects.

What are your long-term career goals?

I want to be a chartered engineer working in research and development.