Molly Brown

Molly Brown

Computer Science lessons taught me how to approach coding and develop programming skills. They were interesting and taught well.


Maths (A*), Computer Science (A), and Further Maths (A)

Where are you now?

University of Sussex studying Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

Congratulations on your results. How do you feel?

“Really happy. I got an A* and two As, with 100 marks in two of my exams.”

Are there any members of staff who have particularly helped you during your studies?

“Charlie Brown in Computer Science has been brilliant. He really helped me with the coursework side of things and was constantly telling me where I could improve and how I could do better. He gave me so much help with the theory, and lots of time and resources were spent on each student. Also, Mario Sheath in Maths went completely over and above to help me with things I struggled with, even spending time with me outside of lessons.”

What made you choose to study at Brock?

“The location. It was close to home for me, so that was really convenient. And the reputation, because Brock is an amazing college and they do a lot of computing.”

Have you taken up any extra opportunities?

“Yes. I did the Robotics Enrichment last year. We learned a lot, like how to code in a team and build hardware. We actually won the robot league and came close to winning the tournament, which is a title currently held by the University of Southampton. Something like 150 schools participated from all over the country. There were also a few teams from Germany.”

What did you enjoy or find particularly inspiring about each of your subjects?

“Computer Science lessons taught me how to approach coding and develop programming skills. They were interesting and taught well. Maths made me realise what I’d got myself into by taking Further Maths. It taught me how to work hard to develop my understanding outside lessons. Further Maths made me glad I didn’t apply to study Maths at university.”

What are you planning to do next?

“I have a place at the University of Sussex to study Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence. I have also qualified for the Excellence Scholarship.”

What are your long-term career goals?

“It’s quite hard to say with Computer Science because by the time I graduate it’s going to be completely different to what it is now… But something with Robotics.”

Did your time at Brock help you decide what you might like to do?

“Yes. I was planning on doing a Maths degree, but my Computer Science course made me change my mind.”