Katie Fisher

Katie Fisher

I chose to study at Brock because of the vast number of opportunities that were available to me. I was able to challenge myself by doing five AS subjects and four A Level subjects, and I had all the support I needed to obtain good grades


Maths & Further Maths, Psychology, Economics, Performance Studies

Where are you now?

Audit trainee with BDO International

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Before Brock I attended Priestlands School in Lymington. I had a huge interest in maths, which I was able to pursue in College, as well as a passion for drama and music, which I was also able to pursue in one combined subject – Performance Studies.

Most of my friends went to different Colleges to me; however this wasn’t a problem as I soon became friends with many other students. One of my many highlights at College was meeting new friends. I also loved how friendly all my teachers were. They were all very approachable if I ever needed help, giving me extra support in many different ways.

In terms of other highlights, I was lucky enough to win work experience with IBM thanks to an opportunity that became available through the College. I worked on a project developing the idea for a new online community forum for the College, as well as a new high-tech IT technology centre, which is currently being built.

Up until very late in College I thought I would be going to University; however, after a great opportunity came along, I was stuck as to what to do. After a few conversations with Rachel Bailey (Brockenhurst College’s careers adviser) my decision was made easier. I am very grateful that I had someone like her to help me weigh up my options.

Currently I work for BDO International as an audit trainee. BDO is the fourth largest accountancy firm in the world and has more than 1,200 offices in over 151 countries. I am currently on a five year programme of learning and experience. At the end of this period I will be a fully qualified chartered accountant.

In the future I want to thrive in my career, and Brockenhurst College has definitely given me a big head start in helping me reach my goals.