Community Values

Community values

Our community values demonstrate how we connect with and contribute to the welfare and success of our region.

We continuously review our strategic priorities and key initiatives to ensure that these are succeeding and that they benefit not only our designated learners but also our wider community.

Our aim is to provide information that illustrates how we are responding to the needs of our learners and our community as a whole.


Our values

College Governors

Serving our learning community of 3,000 young people, 5,000 adults and 300 local and regional businesses, we have a Board of Governors that oversees the strategic direction of the College and scrutinises performance; these individuals bring a breadth of relevant skills and experience and also reflect our community interests.

College Governors

Employment & economy

We are a major employer in our region, employing 750 full and part time staff across its business, academic and administrative workforce across sites in Brockenhurst, New Milton, Marchwood, Lymington, Hengistbury Head and Southampton.

All staff contribute to the regional economy through travel, use of local shops, housing and other facilities.

Our Highwood Nursery also provides local working families with childcare.

We utilise the services of many other local businesses; transportation, estates management, equipment and consumables; our in-house MJ’s restaurant aim to use local produce wherever possible.

Highwood Nursery


Education excellence

The College has provided quality education for over one hundred years. We are immensely proud of our reputation for the success of our students throughout the years.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering; our aim is to ensure that all our students are provided with the best education and training possible, supported by dedicated teaching staff, excellent facilities and a unique environment where everyone is encouraged and enabled to achieve their goals.

The success of our students is evidenced by their progression to higher education and a range of careers, locally, nationally and internationally, each of them making a positive contribution to society.

We track the progress of our Alumni so that we can record their career success – ex-students also visit the College to speak to current students about their experiences.


Teacher training

We have been successfully training teachers for over 25 years allowing students to gain necessary qualifications each year before progressing to become teachers across our region.

Our specialist courses in Maths, English and Early Years teaching ensure that those entering or progressing in these vitally important areas have the necessary skills and qualifications.


Local business development

In addition to the Apprenticeship schemes and other training services, the College has developed excellent relationships with business and industry across the region and offers bespoke training courses, tailored to suit specific business requirements and organisational commitments.

Many students on vocational courses will undertake work placements, gaining valuable industry experience and bringing new skills and ideas into these businesses.

The important local marine, construction, tourism and hotel industries are some of the areas which see benefit from our excellent skills training provision.


Support for students with disabilities

We are committed to supporting those with physical and learning difficulties across its curriculum for sixth form students and adult learners.  We have developed relevant programmes to ensure that these students are provided with the necessary support to learn and to develop their skills.

A dedicated team of specialists works with students and their parents, carers and other professionals to ensure that needs are identified and met so that students across the region may benefit from education.

A unique ‘Inspiration Room’ has been developed on campus for those on the autistic spectrum and other vulnerable students who might benefit from a quiet space to work and study.

Equality and diversity

Adult leisure courses

We offer the opportunity for adults to learn new skills, creative techniques and improve knowledge and interest in a variety of subjects.

Students not only benefit from learning these new skills but also to share their experiences, to make new friends and to connect
with others from their community (particularly important in a rural environment such as ours).

Our centres across the New Forest ensure that everyone is able to participate on a regular basis and to make the most of the cultural, creative and educational offering available through our facilities.


Collaboration with local Governments

We have excellent relationships with a number of government and other organisations across the region.

We work closely with the New Forest District Council on developing business partnerships and with the New Forest Tourist Authority to provide information about relevant job vacancies in the area.

We work closely with our local Parish Council to support village community events and promote student and village relationships.

Wework with Southampton City Council on our Retail Skills initiative and with Hampshire County Council and Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset Local Authorities on a number of training programmes.

We have worked closely with IBM to develop their Exceptional Student Experience range of products, delivering an interactive learning platform for our students and developing predictive analytics to ensure we support the college community in a timely fashion.

Retail skills training

HE, career & education opportunities for adults

We offer a wide range of courses designed for anyone looking to further or enhance their careers, take specific qualifications or learn new industry skills.

We work with businesses across the region to offer Apprenticeships for young adults in a variety of occupational sectors.

Our Retail Skills Shop based in Southampton provides retailers and retail workers with high quality training and our Employment Support team
runs free training, advice and support for those who are unemployed or who have been made redundant.

This on-going commitment to education, training and employment aims to tackle national issues at a regional level and to ensure that businesses across the region are able to maintain a successful workforce and sustain
economic growth.



As well as training many students in the catering and hospitality industries that play such a key role in this area,  Hengistbury Head outdoor programmes offer exciting opportunities for those visiting the region to participate in activities during their stay.

Relationships with visiting schools and holiday centres, together with hotels across the region, ensure that this is another positive benefit we bring to our community.

hengistbury head outdoor education centre

Arts & culture

Art and culture plays an important role in the college. Each year, we exhibit work from visual arts and media students and produce music and dramatic performances which the public may attend.

All students are encouraged to participate in artistic and cultural pursuits through a variety of Enrichment projects and many studying these subjects progress to higher education and successful careers in the creative arts; an industry to the region’s and the UK’s economic success.

Charitable work

We encourage staff and students to undertake fund-raising activities for national, regional and local charities and many successful initiatives take place each year which highlight the community spirit generated
at Brock.

Recent projects have hosting a Colour Run for a local hospice, raising monies for the Wessex Cardiac Centre at Southampton Hospital and the Teenage Cancer Trust, Macmillan and Leukaemia Busters.

charitable work

Local enterprise partnerships (LEPs)

We are working closely with our two regional Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs); the Solent LEP and Enterprise M3 LEP. In partnership with six other FE Colleges in the Solent region we are co-funding a specific FE post with a remit to develop a range of learner focussed projects.

With Enterprise M3 LEP we are working collaboratively to access additional funding for the region to provide skills support for people in employment.

Sporting success

Sport plays an important part in Brock life.  All our students are encouraged to participate in sporting activities to gain team-building skills and to enhance their health and well-being.

Our dedicated Sports Academy students represent the College in regional and national sports; we have seen Olympic hopefuls, successful university scholarships and many fund-raising efforts for charity through sports achievements.

Our community sports activities encourage those in our environs to participate in group activities for all ages, to keep fit and have fun.  Tennis, football, hockey and badminton are amongst the facilities on offer.

Nearby Hengistbury Head offers a range of watersports and other outdoor activities for individuals and families of all ages and experience; this facility also enhances the appeal of the region to visitors.


Global initiatives with local impact

A high number of international students choose to study at Brock each year; bringing additional income not just for the College but to the wider community as they and their families visit the area and stay with local host
families here.

Our initiative in China (a sister school college in Zhuhai) re-enforces the UK’s expertise in education and enhances our reputation and that of the region. Our own teachers also benefit from this collaboration as they gain experience of China and its culture.

Travel and study trips and exchange visits of our own students broadens their experience and better equips them for further study and employment and, importantly, brings cultural expertise and awareness to our community.

Our ‘Confucius Classroom’ initiative promotes Chinese culture and the learning of Mandarin language to children in local schools, encouraging early engagement with this important global player.


National initiatives with local impact

The College regularly undertakes specific activities in relation to education and learning which, though driven nationally, are designed to complement and enhance regional activity.

Supported by the recommendations of
the Solent Area Based Review the College will develop a joint venture with Bournemouth and Poole College to better meet apprenticeship and business needs across the area, in the light of national changes to funding for


Hampshire Safe

We are pleased to be working with local schools as part of the ‘Hampshire Safe’ partnership.

The scheme aims to educate young people on the impact of substance misuse and prevent it from happening within schools and colleges.


Community values at a glance


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