Your study programme

Your study programme

At Brock you will collaborate with your Personal Tutor to create a Study Programme that is right for you and your learning objectives.

This initiative will enable you to enjoy a joined-up, holistic learning experience that incorporates and supports both your subjects and extra-curricular interests.

Below you will find a breakdown of key areas that make up your Study Programme.

Key areas of your Study Programme


Naturally, your lessons form the core of your Study Programme. You should aim to attend every single one to help ensure success.

Independent study

You will look carefully at the way you work outside your lessons and be encouraged to make improvements to your independent learning strategy if shortcomings arise.

Pastoral support

You can go to your Personal Tutor or book an appointment with one of our Progress Managers if you are unsure about your attainment or defined goals.

Next Steps events

You should aim to make the most of our Next Steps events. These include things like recruitment fairs, external seminars and university talks.


Enrichment gives you an ideal outlet to pursue personal interests alongside courses. In many cases these options will also complement your formal studies.

Work Experience

You will be able to complete at least one week of work experience in your first year, enabling you to add weight to your growing CV.

Other activities

There is a range of other activities in which you can participate. These include the Sports Academy and the Students’ Union. You can also volunteer to act as a Student Ambassador for which you will be rewarded with credits that you can spend on campus.

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