BA (Hons) Early Childhood – Level Six Top-up

BA (Hons) Early Childhood – Level Six Top-up

Higher Education Location: Brockenhurst College - Main Site
Type: Full Time
Awarding Body: University of Chichester
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Course Details

The South of England Early Years Consortium, led by the University of Chichester delivers the Early Years Teacher Status across London and the South East of England.  They work in areas that can benefit children most at risk of disadvantage and offer high quality personalised support to every trainee taking an Early Years Initial Teacher Training Programme.  The Early Years Teacher Status is a professional accreditation endorsed by the Government and builds upon the strengths of the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) Programme.

Chichester believe that learning is not just for the little children and offer opportunities for learning and development no matter what stage of your career you are at.  They want to make sure the best people get involved and that might mean you are a man or woman, any age, background, ethnicity or ability.

This multi-disciplinary course critically explores childhood and family life from different perspectives, including:

  • Children’s Literature and the Media
  • Independent Project
  • Learning, Teaching and Caring in Adventure Education
  • Leading and Managing Professional Practice
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability

Course Structure & Teaching Methods

Children’s Literature and the Media

This module explores different areas of literature and media which are specifically designed for children, such as books, computer games, film and television. It critically analyses specific examples of these media and also considers the wider social, cultural and educational issues that surround their production and consumption. The module considers the ways in which children engage with these areas and explores a range of theories from different disciplines that seek to understand the nature of this engagement.

Independent Project

The independent project is designed to engage the student in a longer-term and analytical piece of research on a topic relevant to childhood studies (early years). As Childhood Studies is a multidisciplinary subject, the final dissertation should also allow for students to use conventions from a broad range of disciplines. This might include research that fits into either a qualitative or a quantitative framework.

Learning, Teaching and Caring in Adventure Education

To introduce and experience innovative and adventurous environments in which children can develop, learn and play such as Forest Schools and Beach School.  The module offers examinations of the psychological, physical and social processes and benefits for children and early year professionals/teachers that come with activities away from conventional environments.  To consider the history and theory from the UK and abroad that has shaped ‘adventure’ environments in the past, and continue to affect them in the present. The module enables students to appreciate the broad environmental, activity and learning opportunities that exist and how these can benefit children, but also professionals and practitioners. To consider the way children and childhood have been philosophically positioned in response to the outdoor environment.

Leading and Managing Professional Practice

This module aims to introduce students to the key factors that affect strategies for leading and implementing change in their work or volunteering environment. Students will develop their skill to critically reflect on aspects of their professional practice and to demonstrate how they can develop their practice to better provide for the needs of the staff, children and families they are working with. It explores current issues and dilemmas facing practitioners in the early years and education fields and identifies strategies that may support personal and professional development. Key legislation and statutory frameworks are critiqued identifying implications for early year’s and school settings. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of how to improve practice through working alongside staff, children and their families, ensuring the voices of those they are working for is heard and acted upon.

Special Educational Needs and Disability

The central aim of this module is to develop a critical understanding of the issues that surround special educational needs and disability (SEND) in society and early years settings, with particular reference to up-to-date government policy initiatives and legislation. The history, economic and social dimensions of issues relating to special educational needs and disability will be explored, along with an analysis of the impact upon children, families and working practices. The origins and meanings of related terminology will be explored and debated. Students will be encouraged to analyse and reflect on their experiences of working with young children in education and/or care settings.

Information & Support

Brockenhurst College is working in partnership with the University of Chichester to be able to offer this programme of study in response to the early years sector and workforce requirements.  At Brockenhurst, we see our role as educators, supporting the development of knowledgeable, questioning and independent thinkers into the various disciplines that make up the early years sector.

Progression Opportunities

This degree provides the opportunity to study early childhood from a broad, multi-disciplinary perspective.  It opens up opportunities for further specialist study that facilitates entry into a wide range of careers, including teaching, or progression to a wide range of professions such as; speech and language therapy, early years work, local authority development work or family support work.

Some examples of career opportunities directly related to your BA (Hons) Early Childhood honour degree:

Learning mentor;  Early years teacher (EYT); Primary school teacher; Special educational needs (SEN) teacher; Social worker; Child psychotherapist and counsellor; Educational psychologist; Paediatric nurse; Speech and language therapist; Early Years Outreach worker; Local Authority worker.

Available Dates and Locations

Code Location Date: (From) Contact
6CBAECS2 Brockenhurst College - Main Site September 2017 01590 625500 Enquire

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