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Social life

Brock has a vibrant social scene, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

From the social activities organised throughout the year by the Students’ Union to the varied Enrichment programme available to help you pursue your interests or try something new.

You are sure to enjoy many new experiences and make new friends.


The Students’ Union

Our Students’ Union (SU) gives learners a voice which can be heard at governing body level.

As a member, you’ll enjoy regular meetings with the Principal and have the opportunity to raise any issues with aspects of college life that you feel could be improved.

Whether your SU role ends up being focussed on education, welfare, finance, managing student union funds or organising key yearly college events, there is a suitable role for all who desire to have an influence on both the students and the college.

Additionally, the crucial roles of president and vice president truly show universities the commitment and drive for success you possess. Leading your fellow students whilst helping to influence positive change to the college environment is very rewarding.

The termly student parliament allows students to voice their opinions to the members of the union who then act upon their findings. Examples of successful projects include:

  • The alteration of the curbs, vital for students with restricted mobility
  • The introduction of black lanyards in order to help counteract the issue of a lack of lanyard wearing.
  • Organising Freshers events
  • Charity fundraising
  • Organising the Christmas Fayre
  • Organising leavers photos

The SU present a genuine voice of what student’s desire, and at the same time provide staff with a valuable insight into student life.

The SU is associated with the NUS, a national body representing student’s interests in colleges and universities across the country.

If you want to join the NUS you can sign up for membership on their website. The NUS card costs £12, it provides discounts in many high street and online shops.

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